Enforce the Hunting Ban

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Every week in this country hunts are taking place without complying with the law . The penalty for illegal fox hunting is a fine of up to £5000


The hunting act 2004 states that fox hunting with hounds is illegal but exempt if it is done for the sole purpose of "stalking or flushing out" that is however under the condition that no more than two dogs are used and it is on land belonging to the person committing the act and that the fox is shot dead and NOT killed by the dogs.

The Hunt Saboteurs Association go out every week to try to prevent hunts from illegal killing, they receive verbal and physical abuse from the Hunt. The saboteurs are ordinary people who spend their free time and their own money risking their lives to do the job that the police should be doing.

We ask Sussex police to enforce the hunting act by bringing the hunts to prosecution every time they kill unlawfully, including the incident that was evidenced and reported to them on December 29th, 2018 where a fox was killed illegally in someone's own back garden.

The law must be upheld and we have the right to ask for it to be enforced.