Keep The Vestry open until 2am

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Chichester's nightlife has boomed in the last year due to Chichester Council Licensing's decision to begin permitting late licenses for venues in the city centre. As one of the largest bars in Chichester, The Vestry has revived itself as a high energy, music driven venue enjoyed by thousands. 

But all this is now under threat from an increasingly common occurrence nation wide. Vestry is in the sights of a London property developer. Looking to cash in on Chichester's beauty and successful economy, and determined to build yet more town centre flats, they have sited The Vestry's late nights as having a negative impact on the profitability of their development.

Taking advantage of an outdated, forgotten, piece of planning they are levering to force The Vestry to close its doors to customers who desperately want a late night venue within the City.

We are calling on all our local customers (and those further away!), and local businesses, to show their support and help sway the decision, of a forward looking council, that Chichester wants, and deserves, a late night, city centre venue that is here to stay.