Help stop hotel on Wieland Street

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Chicago residents,

The developers of the vacant lot on Wells Street, formerly O’Brien’s Restaurant, are seeking another zoning variance.  Approximately two years ago the developers sought a variance to build a 13 story hotel on the lot.  Obviously the community and residential residents were against this.   As one of the owners/developers also had four residential lots starting at 1513 N. Wieland, they negotiated and agreed to build four single family homes on Wieland in exchange for the variance to build a 13 story hotel.  The single family residences would obviously be good for the residents as it would ensure vested homeowners on the street that would be aware of noise and garbage on the street.   As a result the residents agreed to not object to the 13 story hotel on Wells Street based on this single family home guarantee and the zoning board put this in the variance order.

Now the developers are seeking another variance to actually build the hotel all the way back to Wieland!  This is insane.  How can the developers, alderman and zoning board ever think this is good for the community?  Families have bought their homes on Wieland, are raising their families on Wieland, and are paying insane taxes on this residential street.  In addition, there are two schools with hundreds of children that attend school on Wieland!  A hotel license for a residential street is entirely unfair and not safe.  Nobody, except these developers looking for financial gain, want noise from guests, garbage, or transient people walking ion their residential street and around their children’s school.

Please help by attending the community meeting on 1/28/20 at 6 pm at the Catherine Cook Annex on Wells and Schiller And by signing the attached petition to let our alderman and city council know we do not want hotels on our residential streets.  If the developers want to build a hotel then they should do so in a business district.  Don’t try to bait and switch innocent families and schools that bought their property in reliance on zoning laws.  Your help is greatly appreciated!