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Chesko and skyrim modders, please come back!

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An horrible slew of changes happened during the last few days, changes that had brought the skyrim modding community to a pretty bad point. With Steam pulling off some sneak move that caused fights right and left, it feels as if a part of the community I was proudly from has crumbled a bit.

This petition is to beg and ask for forgiveness. To show my... our support to Chesko who have given us so much during the past years, given us his talent and time. Even if primarily for him, it is also for all the other modders who left due to that fiasco.

Bad things were said, bad things were done. When something we love is attacked, when worries strike we tend to react in horrible and exaggerated ways. Sadly the internet is full of different people and usually there's a part of it that goes horribly wrong. I say, on behalf of all the modding community... Sorry. Sorry for all the wrong thing that was said, sorry for the overreactions, sorry for the jerks out there that sent death threats and such.

With this, I also want to thank you, Chesko and all the other modders who were affected by this event and even those who weren't and decided to stick around. Thank you for the time, for the support. For the new experiences your mods and yourself brought to the game and the community.

Thus, I am, and surely all those who will sign this, is saddened. Saddened and regretful to see you gone. To see you having dropped the towel and walked away. Saddened that all those years of support are lost, that our games won't be able to keep improving and changing by your mods.

So... I want to beg. Please. Come back. I, We... want you back. We appreciate everything you've done and we want to make sure you know. We want you back within the community, back within our games. You are important for our experiences. So, Chesko and all the other modders who left due to the fiasco. Hear my plea. Please come back, we will be delighted to see you again and I hope you are able to forgive us.

Francis Mathias Chartier aka Fedack

And the rest of the modding community.

Thank you

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