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Free Reid Bertino from a life sentence at Western State Hospital

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Please read Reid Bertino’s personal story for more information:

Currently, it is legal in Washington State to incarcerate people (for up to life) who were never convicted of a crime. Reid Bertino has been incarcerated at the state-run psychiatric hospital, Western State Hospital (WSH), located in Lakewood WA since 10/25/2011 and yet he was never convicted of anything...ever.

WSH is one of the worst psychiatric facilities in the nation and yet it is allowed to continue to hold people like Reid Bertino, who are no threat at all to the public. The Feds have threatened to shut WSH down several times because of corruption, mismanagement and abuse and yet it is allowed to continue to operate and hold people there for indefinite periods of time.

Reid Bertino has proven over and over again that he does not belong at WSH and yet he has no pathway to freedom because of arbitrary rules, poorly trained staff and a massively dysfunctional structure that prohibits patients from moving through the system. 

Western State Hospital is a human warehouse, where people are sent to die. This is true; statistically, one of the only ways to earn a final discharge from WSH is to be sent to a morgue. There is no real therapy there and there is no hope.

Do a search for ‘Western State Hospital’ and read about the mismanagement and abuse if you don’t believe how bad it is there.

And for those who really don’t care about the patients there: think about the financial cost. WSH has cost the tax payers over a million dollars alone just to keep Reid there, when there are far more cost effective (and humane) alternatives available.

This petition to free Reid Bertino will be sent to Cheryl Strange, CEO of Western State Hospital. If nothing else, this will put her and her hospital on notice that Reid has not been forgotten and WSH will not be allowed to hide patients like Reid with impunity. 

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