Keep Tangerine Dream Cafe at Chelsea Physic Garden

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Tangerine Dream Cafe has been providing delicious food at the Chelsea Physic Garden since 2005. Limpet Barron and David Hughes co-own Tangerine Dream Cafe are the chefs that create wonderful menus on offer. 
Along with their talented staff, they have enhanced the Garden's reputation for educating people of all ages about the importance of plants in our lives and in particular about the role they play in keeping us healthy and their contribution to our well-being. 

Seasonal and creative, Tangerine Dream Cafe specialises in using the finest ingredients and in keeping their recipes simple to let the quality shine through.This ethos has been a strong factor in building the "The Friends of the Garden" membership from under 1000 active members in 2005 to more than 7,000 in 2017. 

Chelsea Physic Garden has put Tangerine Dream on notice and Tangerine Dream is going through the second bidding process for the provision of the catering in less than  4 years. If another company is chosen to run the catering at the Garden, Limpet and David will be forced to close the company that they have built since 2005 and the staff, many of whom have been with the cafe and the garden for many years would have an uncertain future at the end of the year. 

Summer Dining at Tangerine Dream Cafe which is now part of the London Social Diary would not be same in 2019!

We ask you to help us keep Tangerine Dream Cafe at Chelsea Physic Garden by signing our petition below.

Thank you for your support
David, Limpet & the Team

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