Jutice For Qabil Chandio

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Tribal war is the one of the main issues of Sindh where most the youngsters give their lives .Many sisters loses their brothers ,mothers their sons ,wives their husbands and daughters their fathers .Unfortunately like all other issues of Sindh Government is still in this as well , showing it's helplessness by being silent.

On 17 January 2018, three mans gun down in tahsel mehar district dadu early in morning outside their home namely Mr. Karmullah Chandio (chairman of union council buladai), Mr Mukhtiar Chandio Tamandar Mirwani Tribe & young boy Qabil chandio (member of district council dadu)

We strongly condemn The brutal murder of young boy qabil chandio along with his father and brother in Mehar,dadu (Sindh) Their killings need to be thoroughly investigated at the highest level with complete transparency.

We appeal to the United Nations that this is the biggest human rights violation going in the Sindh and take action against this. We demand from the Government of Pakistan, Government of Sindh, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Chief Justice of High Court Sindh and IG Sindh to take actions against these monsters.