Chegg VS Course Hero

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Chegg is an academic company based in the United States of America, precisely in Santa Clara and California. It specializes in online textbook rentals, homework help and scholarships through Zinch. Chegg exits because it enables students to acquire knowledge by allowing students to rent and buy textbooks at a discount price.

Chegg has various online study services are available through distinct subscriptions. Students or educators having access to chegg study that includes its textbook solutions as well as expert questions and answers features that cost between the range of $14.95 and $22.50 every month and tutoring services starts at an additional $15 every week.

Course Hero on the other hand, is online leaning podiums where students and educators can get have access to more than 20 million course specific study resources such as broadly user implemented study documents, study guides for a wide range of college courses and courses that allow students have knowledge by learning, comprehending and mastering all core concepts.

In addition, there are tutors which are constantly available 24 hours daily and are also equipped to produce answers to any type of question with enough explanations. Students can subscribe for course hero beginning at an amount of $9.95 every month.

There also other sub regions of Chegg VS Course Hero, where these two are compared and the differences are listed out.


  • CHEGG: it is known that they do not have practice issues feature
  • COURSE HERO: there are various practice issues that will aid students get prepared for exams.


  • CHEGG: it shows the solutions to the problems in the textbook and questions that are consistently asked and answered by students.
  • COURSE HERO: it comprises of study guides, illustrations for popular courses, videos for various subjects like economics, literature, U.S history and many more.

In summary, looking at the few attributes between the two, it was obvious that Course Hero came on top and looks better than Chegg in all aspects.