Red Sox Pitcher Cheating? This is How I caught a Cheating Partner

Red Sox Pitcher Cheating? This is How I caught a Cheating Partner

October 17, 2018
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Started by Kevin Wing

I just caught mine cheating - cheating on me the whole 3.5 years. That was because I was brave enough to go in his phone when he fell asleep. It was password protected but he's not too smart with his passwords so I cracked it with my first try. I had suspicions because I had caught him before but had no proof so he just denied it. This time, I found stuff again and I called all the girls I saw that he was talking to in his phone (he pulled a tiger woods on me).

One of the women was wonderfully helpful enough to send me pictures of them kissing and it was dated from times that he was my boyfriend so I have proof to shove in his face now and he can't deny it this time. If you can't get into his phone any how, then buy a GPS tracking system that gives you real-time results and try to install it in his car.

You will have to install it in a part of the car which cannot block the GPS device with any kind of metal over it otherwise it will not be able to send and receive signals. A good place in the car to do this is under the dashboard, i don't know what that part of it is called but the top of the dashboard (to be clear, i mean the surface of the dashboard facing the windshield), that part can be taken off and the gps device can be installed underneath there and then you have to put the top back on. It takes about over an hour to install it this way so make sure you have time when you do this.

I don't know exactly how to do it as I've never done it but ask someone who is good with cars to give you tips on it before you do it.

Here's a website with the GPS real-time devices:

If this is not an option, try getting somebody to follow him around and when you get a good sense of where he goes and when he goes there, then have a girlfriend try and pick him up somewhere, it could be anywhere - a grocery store, whatever.

You could try getting into his voicemail, I did that once. My bf was with a phone company that wen you first get a phone number with them, they tell you that your voicemail password will automatically be the last 4 numbers of your phone number. My idiot bf never changed his voicemail password since he had gotten his phone (he had it for 10+ years) so I tried those numbers and I got in right away.


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