Chatsworth Estate - Don't Cull Your Badgers

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The badger cull is coming to Derbyshire and we are asking the Chatsworth Estate not to be involved in the slaughter.

The Chatsworth Estate owns 35,000 acres of land, spread across Derbyshire, which includes beef and dairy farms. This land could be home to hundreds of badgers, who are all now at risk. This petition is to urge Chatsworth to support badger vaccination, and not allow badgers to be culled on their land.

2018 will be the sixth year of these government sanctioned trials. This twenty-five year plan, which will spread across England by 2019, is the main focus of the DEFRA initiative to attempt to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis (bTB). DEFRA want to reduce the badger population by 70%, even though it is estimated this will only reduce bTB incidences by 16%.

20,000 badgers were killed last year alone.
We don’t want this to happen in Derbyshire.

The science linking badgers to the spread of bTB is highly contested, with issues such as cattle movements and farm biosecurity often cited as more likely causes of the spread of bTB, which can be spread by many mammals. The exact pathways between bTB and cattle are high in number and often controversial. Despite this, badgers are seen as the largest ‘wildlife reservoir’ for bTB, with culling falsely promoted as the most effective method to control the spread of the disease. Studies have shown that culling badgers in fact increases bTB incidences in the areas surrounding the ‘cull zone’.

Derbyshire has had a successful badger vaccination programme since 2014, though with the wider cull roll outs in 2018, not even vaccinated badgers are safe. Derbyshire Against The Cull ask you to sign this petition to urge Chatsworth not to allow badgers to be killed on their 35,000 hectare estate by refusing to sign up to the cruel, inefficient badger cull.

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