Substitute assaults student.Help us remove Assault on Staff on school record by graduation

Substitute assaults student.Help us remove Assault on Staff on school record by graduation

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Linda Ramirez started this petition to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and

Friday November 1, 2019, Diocelina had a substitute in Spanish class. They had nothing to do but watch the movie Coco so the substitute told students THEY COULD be on phone as long as they were quiet. For some reason, substitute asked Diocelina for her phone. Diocelina and her friend replied saying it wasn’t fair because she had given the class permission and others were on their phones too. If she had to give it up then everyone else should too. 

Substitute attempted to take phone, then  Diocelina’s sweater and finally her bookbag. Diocelina held onto her book bag . Substitute grabbed Diocelina by the shirt. Diocelina keeps holding on to her book bag and tells her why don't you just leave me alone. At this point they are both grabbing each others’ arm. They both keep saying leave me alone. Then substitute lets go for a few seconds and says leave me alone which Diocelina holds her arm for a few seconds. Substitute pushes Diocelina chest and Diocelina pushes her back. At this point they are pushing each other back and forth. Substitute swing at Diocelina but Diocelina moves head back so she wouldn’t get hit so substitute pulls Diocelina’s hair. Classmates of Diocelina held her back and when they finally let her go she goes around and swings back at the substitute teacher. Why did substitute physically touch this child? She has no right to and had no right to continually assault this child.

All this is on video. If you have watched video listen to video and you can hear the kids at the end of the video say “out of all people why Diocelina, she doesn’t even talk much”

Even after security takes a Diocelina outside classroom and shuts door substitute opens the door again to make face. Classmates told Diocelina that after substitute is told to go back inside class she says, “little B****”. 

Diocelina at first received 10 day Out of school suspension and principal LeGrand says they are making sure that Substitute won’t be working at Butler High.  But that doesn’t guarantee she won’t be working with other students. These Lady doesn’t need to be working around children at all!

Nov. 4th around Principal LeGrand called to say that they changed suspension to 1 day out of school suspension, 3 days in school suspension. Which she has now done and now waiting to do her attend a 4 hour Violence is Preventable Program on a Saturday which one of the parents also has to attend.

While being in ISS she wasn’t allowed to use Crome Book to do her work. She need es her chrome book for most of the work and test she needed to do. She had passing grades for her classes and now some are down to failing grade because she wasn’t allowed to do them in ISS. Some of her teachers have said they will allow her to come in early before school/after school to take missing test. It’s already affecting her education. I know she is a smart kid and will bring up get grades to passing before the end of the semester.

What bothers me the most is that they want to keep Assault of Staff for 2 years on her record. But she wants to graduate early in her junior year and they said they would expunge it in 2 years which means she would need to graduate on her senior year. Shouldn’t they be proud this child is trying to graduate early and start studying for her career?

Principal said as it states in our CMS Right and Responsibilities Code of Conduct Handbook), Diocelina’s incident can only be expunged after two consecutive years of good behavior from this point.

However in CMS students Rights, Responsibilities and Charter Development Handbook in section of Procedure for Expungement of Long-term and Short-term Suspension Records section 2 & 3 says:
2) the student graduates high school or is not expelled or suspended again during the 2-year period starting on the date of the student’s return to school after the expulsion or suspension; and 3) the superintendent (or designee) determines that the maintenance of the record is not necessary to maintain safe and orderly schools and the records are no longer needed to adequately serve the student.

According to CMS handbook Diocelina could still graduates next school year and could get this expunged from her record sooner than the 2 year period.

But from what principal LeGrand has said it seems she cant get this removed until 2 years. We just want this off her school record whenever she graduates. So she wont be rejected when applying to colleges. This principal has just been promoted to another position with CMS schools. 

A little bit about Diocelina:

She is a 15 year old student at Butler High School. She has completed most of the required class to graduate. She’s in honor classes. Once she completes this classes this year then she will only need to take 3 more classes to graduate early so she can start taking college classes. Diocelina is not a trouble maker. You can ask all her teachers and everyone that knows her. 

The reason for this petition is to remove this assault on staff from her educational record within a year or sooner instead of two years. She was being attacked by an adult. Someone who is suppose to help children learn not hurt them. She is already completed her 1 day of OSS and three days of ISS and will be going to VIP program with her parent. Why put this in her educational record for 2 years.

CMS handbook states it can be removed if student graduates. But we are being told it wont be removed until 2 years. The teacher assaulted her first before Diocelina finally fought back. Diocelina has done her suspension and will do the 4 hours of VIP program on a Saturday. She hasn't been in trouble in school any other time other than this.

Please help us by signing this petition so we can remove this from her record before 2 years so when she graduate early and it won’t interfere with her trying to get into college sooner. Thank you for all your support!!

Videos of this incident are already popping up on YouTube and Instagram.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!