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Let's put our feet in their paws!!!!

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Many rental properties discriminate against certain breeds of dogs. For example a German Shepherd is turned away while a Shitzu or Labradoodle is welcomed with open arms. Why is this? What makes a Shepherd any less of a pet than the other breeds allowed? We have been searching high and low for an apartment that will accept our two year old Shepherd. But he is turned away every time! Let me tell you a little bit about my son Bruno. He is rambunctious and hairy. Not a day passes that I am not sweeping a bundle of fur the size of a small dog. He has a little sister and she is human but that doesn't stop him from taking care of her like she is his own flesh and blood! He enjoys cuddling and chewing on the same bone for hours. He is very spirited and always in a good mood! He has his own health insurance and a month prescription for flea and tick and heartworm medication. His health matters to us and it may be another bill every month but it is a bill that's keeping him healthy and happy. He is big but not by his own making that is just how he is breed. So at first glance he may seem scary to some. But only to the ignorant is he a bad dog. Only to the ignorant is he not worthy of a place to live. If we do not find a place to live that will take him our daughter loses out on a best friend. Me and my husband lose out on a son. And our family suffers greatly! But it's not just us that are suffering. Families all over the country are being told that their "breed" of dog is not a suitable match for their properties. Hundreds of thousands of families that are forced to find another home or surrender their babies because property owners cannot see past the size and rumors. That's a lot of broken hearts and a lot of broken families. "Why not buy a house?" Most will ask. Some people do not have that luxury may it be credit or another blockade keeping small families on one or two incomes from becoming homeowners. Most of us are left with no other choice but to rent. So who made these property owners the law? Why can't I bring my whole family with me? Why do I have to let both of my children down? It's time we start to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts! We can start by bringing attention to this tragic issue as far up the podium as possible! Signing this petition is a small start in a very good direction! We need voices for these animals. They cannot speak for themselves! 

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