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Free Michelle Carter!

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Michelle Carter is a college student in Taunton, MA who was wrongfully convicted of manslaughter in an unconstitutional trial on June 16 for sending a mean text to her ex-boyfriend that was believed to have convinced him to commit suicide. She faces 20 years in prison, which is extremely harsh for a young woman her age with no criminal history. That is 3 times longer than the sentence given to Scott Crandall of Dayton, OH who was convicted of manslaughter last year after beating a black man into a coma in a road rage incident in a racially motivated attack, later killing him. Michelle's sentence is 5 years longer than the sentence of white supremacist Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik. Michelle was not racist nor did she want anyone to die. She is merely mentally ill and addicted to Celex and Prozac. She deserves to be treated in a hospital rather than incarcerated. She not even get a fair trial because she was denied the right to a jury trial. A very misogynistic judge decided everything alone and the one deciding factor in the guilty verdict was 3 words Michelle said. 3 words! In addition, her ex-boyfriend was abusive to her and sexually harassed her a lot. She was standing up against his torment and had no idea he was also emotionally fragile. He never disclosed his suicidal thoughts to her so she didn't know her aggressive texts had any impact on his emotional state. He had been thinking of suicide for years because he developed severe depression after his parents' divorce. Furthermore, the state of MA has no laws that allow a manslaughter conviction for cyber bullying resulting in suicide because it is impossible to prove a direct link between the text and suicide. No one forces you to kill yourself. It was his decision. Michelle was not intending to kill this man. His suicide was merely a coincidental by-product. The judge who convicted her was operating outside the confines of state law and the constitution. The ACLU and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont have condemned the conviction and judge for this reason. Bernie stated he was angered and saddened by this abuse of power and wants to see young people in good schools with good jobs, not rotting in jail cells. Please governor Baker release this woman! So few people in power ever pardon anyone! She is only 20 years old and has so much to live for! Did you see the way she and her family cried when the corrupt tyrannical judge announced the guilty verdict? Please overturn her conviction now! Michelle would have been acquitted if this was a jury trial, but she was forced to waive that right! She pled not guilty for a good reason! Because she is innocent! It is truly an outrage how hate-filled police officers who intentionally fatally shoot unarmed black people are allowed to keep their jobs while young women with good morale are put in prison for standing up to oppression by the patriarchy. Sign and share!

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