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Justice for Reese Petition to Change/Enforce existing Ordinances to Increase Public Safety

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First let me say, I am a dog lover. Second, let me say that I have loved living in Casselberry. But some things need to change and residents here NEED to be aware. This past Sunday evening, my little dog Reese, was coming back from a walk in Secret Lake Park. She was on her leash and one door away from home when she was viciously attacked and killed by 2 large dogs. This attack was completely unprovoked. Two of the people with her were also injured by those dogs during the attack. The city has known about this irresponsible owner, who keeps these dogs tethered and leaves them unsupervised outside. This is not the first time these dogs have gotten loose. I only discovered after the attack, that it is not the first time these same dogs have attacked other dogs and lunged at people walking down the sidewalk in the area. The city of Casselberry cannot continue to encourage residents to "get out Casselberry" while not doing everything in its power to inform and protect its residents from danger. You cannot encourage people, families and dog lovers to use Secret Lake Park and to park on the very same street of this attack (Secret Way), knowing the risk that exists. The city says the attack is a civil issue and that animal control is handled at the county level. The county says it's bound by the ordinances and cannot remove these dogs without owner consent. We are the citizens of Casselberry. We elect these individuals in office. They are supposed to act on our behalf to provide a safe and enjoyable city/county. This was a senseless, horrific attack that was totally preventable. It is inconceivable to me that these dogs are allowed to be returned to the owner and an entire community continue to be at risk. These dogs had no hesitation to lunge at the humans present. Something has to change before another tragedy occurs. There are far too many people with pets and small children who frequent this area. It is not a matter of if, but when, another tragedy occurs. Please attend the city commission meeting on Monday 11/20 to urge the city to do more than just point the finger at the county. The city is part of the county and can use its influence to enact change!

Current regulations do not adequately protect the residents of Casselberry based on Seminole County ordinances.

Animal control ordinances are civil in nature and do not allow for the adequate protection of community residents
We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders of the City of Casselberry and County of Seminole to act now to CHANGE/ENFORCE the Seminole county ordinances to protect us against loose animals and animals of negligent owners.

Section 20.17-  Needs to CHANGE to reflect that dangerous animals can be removed from the property of the owner IF they have menaced or seriously or mortally injured another animal. It should also include that if there have been multiple complaints on the same animals and/or its owner, those animals should be removed from a neighborhood.

Section 20.20- Damaging or Destroying property or animals – Needs to CHANGE to reflect that violations should include allowing the immediate removal of animals from the property with or without the owner’s consent.

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