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The T. Chances community centre at 399 High Road (N17) is an unrivaled resource available to the people of Tottenham. It is owned by the Tottenham War Services Institute (TWSI), a charitable trust meant to operate for the benefit of vulnerable people in Tottenham. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable people in our community have been excluded from the building, and it is especially our youths who need a safe environment where they can develop their potential off the streets.

The TWSI trustees have consistently failed to act in the best interests of the local community. They are legally obliged to live in Tottenham, but none of them live anywhere close to Tottenham. They have accumulated enormous debts in the trust’s name, whereas they are meant to enrich the trust. They have failed to publicly disclose their liabilities, as they are meant to do as per Charity Commission guidance. They have tried to sell off the building without informing service users. They have allowed the building to fall into disrepair, whereas they are meant to make it safe for its users. Frauds and racism perpetrated by the trustees and their associates have been extensively documented. The trustees failed to show up to a public meeting at the community centre on 14th April 2018.

As we have no confidence in the TWSI board of trustees, we are asking the Charity Commission to disqualify them from acting, and then to engage with the local community in order to find suitable replacements.

The people of Tottenham are now organising to ensure that a new board of trustees is put in place. The New Chances management committee is a group of Tottenham locals working to clean up the mess that the trustees have left behind. We want to get the building safe and clean, we want to pay off the debts, and we want T. Chances to be open to everyone, including the most vulnerable members of our community.

Following a successful campaign to get this petition signed by the community centre's service users, we are now putting this petition online to collect even more signatures. Thanks for your support.