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Get Nell Connicks Money from Kids N Cancer

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My 5 year old healthy active daughter was diagnosed with a tumor in her spinal cord in July 2016, due to a botched operation for a biopsy at Cardiff hospital she was left paralysed and then following an agonising 7 week wait in Cardiff hospital we had to discharge our daughter as doctors did not know how to treat her and mis diagnosed her, we sought a doctors help in London who due to this time my daughter actually having an aggressive tumour and spread missed by doctors in Cardiff. We had to get her to London quite quick.
In the midst of this we we're looking to get proton treatment for my daughter, nhs had said no to funding proton straight away and then blocked our right to take Nell for private treatment. Through word of mouth we found a charity called kids n cancer the CEO being a man called mike hyman took us under his wing. He had a hatred for the nhs for not funding certain children with cancer to have proton treatment he appeared genuinely wanting to help us. And knowledge we had of him successfully helping another local girl get treatment with no bad press really out there.  He had ongoing individual campaigns for a few children. 
I posted this below information on Facebook for you to see in a nutshell how this transpired.
Nells page as per our instructions as they were still accepting donation for Nell's treatment.
We have been told by Mike Hyman (trustee of the charity) that we are not entitled to any of Nell's money as it was only for treatment.
We as a family were not made aware that Nells fund was not hers until we asked them to facilitate our recent trip to Euro Disney and they advised us this wouldn't be possible but they would try to help by drip feeding Nells money to us so he could account for it in other ways!
This made us feel very uneasy as the Charities constitution states they facilitate family vacations, flights accommodation and insurance, and grants for home adjustments. Mike Hyman always told us the charity will be there for Nell to make her comfortable and happy for whatever she needs.
We have concerns that the public are not aware of Mike Hymans intentions with money donated to Nells cause and feel we need to let everyone know we unfortunately have only had a small amount from Nells fund to assist with the trip it didn't cover the whole cost and we will be receiving no more, the rest will go to the charity despite us still needing the money to fund holidays for Nell to enjoy while she is well enough to enjoy them and create family memories.
Mike Hyman completely misled us as a family to close our initial go fund me account which raised £20k within a week before we, under their instruction closed it and started the donations into Kids N Cancer just giving account. He urged us to get the 20K over to the just giving and luckily we couldn't do this and never happened. 
We feel extremely ashamed to have fallen for the lies spoken to us and pray this doesn't happen to another family who use Kids N Cancer. A friend attempted to get a refund. However was told by Mike Hyman himself their donation was un refundable. But to all that did donate to Nells cause thank you from the bottom of our hearts for thinking of Nell. This is an awful situation no family should go through and we as as a family are extremely sorry that your heart felt donation isn't going where you thought it was.
I hope you can cover this story to expose this man and his charity for what is happening. As a mum I feel absolutely heartbroken that throughout all this my 5 year old baby girl got caught in this cross fire war between mike hyman of kids n cancer, the nhs and media and she has now been given months to live.
No one is being held accountable for this and no one wants to touch this. I'm just at the end of my tether. The conspiracy of all of this and all I ever wanted was the best treatment for my daughter to beat this and have the best quality of life and we have continually been downtrodden by all of who you think are there to help you. 
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