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Channel 7 Network: David Kosh needs to be made to publicly apologize

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A MOTHER of three was forced to leave a Bribie Island Aquatic public pool QLD Australia in tears after staff insisted she stop breastfeeding her 11-month-old baby.
The Mother breastfed her 11 month old while cooling her feet in the water as her 2 other children played in the pool. A staff member approached her and told the mother she wasn't allowed to breastfeed there, that the mother had to refrain from feeding her baby out in the open.
The breastfeeding mother rightly stated that it was illegal for them to ask this of her but in response the pool staff member told her that it was a 'grey area' and she should move to a change room, around a corner or cover her baby with a towel while she breastfed.
The breastfeeding Mother stressed that her child just kicks off anything she puts over her while she feeds and she was also worried about putting something over her in that heat so she ended up leaving the pool in tears, embarrassed and ashamed over something which the LAW says she had the right to do without the discrimination which she endured on that day.
Furthermore this story was aired on the Sunrise show on Channel 7 and after which TV presenter David Koch said "I think that's fair enough, to say, hey, can you be a bit discreeter, sorta go up on the grass or something like that..."
Co-presenter Samantha Armytage: "Really? ... I think if you want to breastfeed on the side of the pool you should be allowed."
Koch: "Well, no, not in high traffic areas, I know my daughters are really discreet and things like that, would go to a quieter area, that's a high traffic area on the side of the pool in the middle of summer on a hot day..."
Later that day he went on to further aid and abet discrimination by use of his influential TV status and tried to throw in 'concerns' about the so called safety of the baby during the process during a segment called Kochies Angels.
"Ladies I wonder whether she should have been more discreet. I totally agree with breastfeeding in public, but I think you've gotta be a bit classy about it, that feet on the edge of the pool, isn't discreet enough.... but I'm concerned for the safety if the baby wriggled and fell in the pool...I think there's a safety issue there... I think, theres, em, like, that's why you have mothers—or move back that's a high traffic area, I can understand how people were uncomfortable with it in such a high profile place."
The Moreton Bay Regional Council QLD has apologized to the breastfeeding mother who was reduced to tears when told she could not breastfeed her baby at the Bribie Island pool despite Laws that say differently. The staff at the pool has since been reminded that under state legislation mothers can breastfeed in any place and at any time, including while immersed in a public swimming pool.
Now it's time David Koch was reminded about the Australian Laws and regulations and the consequences of his own actions/words during the Sunrise program regarding breastfeeding mothers and the inappropriate discrimination supportive comments he spouted on the show.
David Kosh through his influential TV presenter status and his words on this show unlawfully abetted discrimination of breastfeeding by inducing and permitting people to expect woman to be discreet while breastfeeding and agreeing with the unlawful way the pool behaved.
Channel 7 network needs to do a formal reveiw as to whether David Koch should still be continuing to stay in such an influential position as a TV show presenter given his actions and the public deserve a formal apology on air by David Kosh by his actions- without justifications.

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