Fire Andrew O'Keefe from Sunrise

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Fire Andrew O'Keefe from Sunrise

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On Sunday morning, Cassie Jaye was interviewed by Andrew O'Keefe on Sunrise about her new documentary movie The Red Pill. 

During the Sunrise interview, O'Keefe admits he hasn’t even seen the Red Pill movie. Apparently they weren’t able to watch it or didn’t have enough time. How can you even comment or criticise on a movie when you haven’t even watched it?

Shortly after the interview, thousands showed their disgust for O’Keefe on the Sunrise Facebook page. Sunrise have since removed their post because they couldn’t handle the flood of criticism against O’Keefe and feminism. Like the project, they have proven that they are “journalists” lacking integrity with a strong left/feminist bias. 

Following the removal of their post on Facebook, many flooded the Sunrise page on non-related articles asking why they had removed the interview with Cassie.

Cassie also stated how deeply disappointed she was in how Sunrise treated her. 

The next day it was revealed that Cassie’s assistant had sent Sunrise a copy of the movie ONE MONTH before their interview. BUSTED! So much for saying they weren’t able to watch it!

When I posted this image onto the Sunrise Facebook page, my posts were promptly deleted and I was banned. I guess they can’t handle the truth.

O'Keefe has also been known to show his lack of integrity and left bias when interviewing other guests such as Mark Latham

If you are sick and tired of Sunrise and want this mangina fired, please sign and share this petition! We also demand that O'Keefe gives Cassie Jaye a public apology!

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