Stop Channel 7 Australia from broadcasting the opinions of criminally convicted Neo-Nazis.

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On Sunday 14th January 2018, Channel 7 broadcast an interview with a convicted criminal and self-admitted Adolf Hitler fan, trussed up as an alternative right-wing opinion:

According to numerous news publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald, Seven News Melbourne aired an "exclusive" story about "right-wing activists" meeting in response to a series of recent crimes carried out by young men.

Journalist Jodi Lee said she had been given exclusive access to the meeting, before crossing to a pre-recorded interview with United Patriots leader Blair Cottrell. Cottrell has previously spent time in prison for property damage and last year became one of the first Victorians to be convicted under the state's new racial vilification laws.

The United Patriots leader has previously called for a picture of Hitler to be hung in every classroom. The Seven News report did not disclose Cottrell's past convictions.

In a statement, Seven News director Simon Pristel said he stood by the story.

Given the unacceptable response, it seems the only way remaining to let Channel 7 know that broadcasting interviews with criminal neo-nazis is to encourage its international sponsors to speak out against it and withdraw support for Channel 7. Clearly, for Channel 7, money talks.

This petition is a chance for Channel 7 sponsors to show they reject racism and neo-naziism and will not allow their money to support organisations which broadcast the opinions of such.

Channel 7's current sponsors, including those advertising for its all-important Australian Open, can show that they wish to stand up against racism by withdrawing or suspending advertising on Channel 7 until it admits its wrongdoing and places appropriate penalties on those who allowed (indeed, continue to stand by) publication of the story.