Don't let Caitlyn Jenner give the Parliamentary diversity lecture

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Why has Caitlyn Jenner been chosen to speak about 'diversity' in parliament?

There are so many people, transgender and cisgender, who would have been a far better choice than her, so why Caitlyn Jenner? Jenner is a republican and a vocal Trump supporter. She voted for him in the US election, and said she believed he “would be very good for women’s rights”, even after the string of sexual abuse allegations that were made against him. Despite criticising Trump for his trans rights record, she was seen a month later wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

I speak for many trans people when I say that Caitlyn Jenner does not represent me. It's amazing Channel 4 want to platform a trans woman in such a big way but you have to look to Jenner's opinions, politics, etc otherwise they are just ticking a box because they can. We are not just tokens. Jenner isn't on that stage because of her progressive opinions and championing of rights, but because she’s trans and famous. What a joke. There are hundreds of trans people, here and abroad, who could have represented us much better than her.

This is about being fair, equal, and showing respect for trans people. Don’t mock us by putting a Trump supporter onstage to “represent” us. Many LGBTQ+ people openly dislike Caitlyn Jenner, and she is no spokesperson for diverse communities. Channel 4 need to stop with the tokenism and give the platform to someone else.