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CHANNEL 4 Cancel Dogs Behaving Badly! It uses Unscientific, Outdated and Unethical methods

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Unfortunately most of us believe what we see on TV, so when Channel 4 put out a show that uses Unscientific, Unethical and Outdated Training Methods the dog owning public unfortunately may see this as the correct route to a well behaved dog and may imitate the methods.

UNSCIENTIFIC : In reality research shows punitive positive punishment as used in the show can escalate the dogs aggression. "Such punitive techniques apparently increase the risk of aggression in dogs. They are associated with a 2.9 times increased risk of aggression to family members, and a 2.2 times increased risk of aggression to unfamiliar people outside of the household." Stanley Coren, PhD., DSc., FRSC.

UNSCIENTIFIC : Also Cohen's research shows aggressive responses from dogs increase when using such punitive methods, 43 percent of the dogs increased their aggression in response to being hit or kicked for example, shouting "No" increased the dogs aggressive response by 15 percent.

UNSCIENTIFIC : As far as we can tell the host has NEVER received any formal education as a dog trainer or behaviourist and does not belong to any of the UK's accredited organisations. If you wish to find a force free trainer who has studied how dogs learn and how to study behaviour please use IMDT, APDT, ABTC, COAPE or OABC to search for one. 

If you'd like to understand the adverse effects of punishing animals :

OUTDATED : 'Pack Theory' and 'Dominance Models' have been disproven over and over again, yet 'untrained trainers' still use them. These models use force and punishment with fear and intimidation to 'control dogs' and do not modify behaviour.  These methods use the terms 'Alpha' an 'Hierarchy' and although social hierarchy does exist in wolves they do not use aggression to form it neither does the the leader use aggression to lead. So why would we?

UNETHICAL : Place yourself in your dogs shoes, would you liked to be shouted at, intimidated, forced into situations that you can't escape from or don't want to be in. 

UNETHICAL : The amount of Checking (jerking dogs neck with the lead) in the programme left many with a bitter taste, unfortunately this is still seen in traditional dog training but also thankfully in heavy decline. One of the reasons for this is due to claims by Dr Jean Dodd, Dr Peter Dobias and other respected professionals that hard collar use has lead to a rise in hyperthyroidism and whiplash type injuries in dogs and pain is one of the primary causes of 'unwanted behaviours' in dogs.  

The majority of Dog Trainers & Behaviourists now understand  how dogs learn and communicate and that to change behaviour ALL GOOD TRAINERS start with force free positive reinforcement, it's kind and respectful to the animal, it may not be a quick fix, it may take hard work but it will last for the dogs lifetime and your dog will love you for it. 

If you would like to know more about ethical dog training guidelines you can view them here

I've been made aware there maybe more than one petition so please sign all of them and lets get this off the TV! 


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