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CHANGE their LAWS and How Child Support is Distributed!!!!

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FAMILIES are BANKRUPT because of Child Support Agencies across the USA!

Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) WE REQUEST AN AUDIT OF THIS AGENCY

WE the Parents of the UNITED STATED request an AUDIT of The Office of Child Support Enforcement.
We believe the funding of your Agency has been Misappropriated funds for many years of Our Child Support payments.
We feel that there should be 50/50 Split in Supporting OUR CHILDREN. There should not be a uneven amount of child support payment of 1 Parent over the other.
We want your Agency to find the Parent that has not been paying their Child Support payments. It's not our responsibility. By us as parents notifying you that a payment has not been paid. It's your agency that needs by Law to contact that parent.
If Parents have to put a parent in jail for non-payment, it causes Friction with the child or children, which by Law you Agency is causing.
Parents need to update addresses if moved or new employment. There should be a law or clause to Protect the Parent that payment is still being received. If a Parent does not notify your agency of these 2 things. Arrears payments of any kind governed by the Divorce decree should be a part of these Child Support Payments. Example......Medical bills, school bills, sports, dental any bill pertaining to the welfare of the child. that have not been paid for.
It's obvious to us parents that your Agency makes a lot of money.

Parents BARELY get the necessary Child Support payment to support their child on a monthly basis. Example, getting $8,400.00 for 2 children a year for Child Support with Health Insurance included is "POVERTY" level of Child Support!
Totally INSANE and is NOT acceptable!

To assure that assistance in obtaining support (both financial and medical) is available to children through locating parents, establishing paternity and support obligations, and enforcing those obligations.*
*The Child Support Enforcement Program is authorized and defined by statute, Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. The purpose and the mission of the Program are derived from the Act.


The nation’s Child Support Enforcement Program (CSE) is a Federal/State/Tribal/local partnership to help families by promoting family self-sufficiency and child well-being.
About CSE
All States and territories run a child support enforcement program, usually in the human services department, department of revenue, or the State Attorney General’s office, often with the help of prosecuting attorneys, district attorneys, other law enforcement agencies and officials of family or domestic relations courts. Native American Tribes, too, can operate culturally appropriate child support programs with Federal funding. Families seeking government child support services must apply directly through their State/local agency or one of the Tribes running the program. Services are available to a parent with custody of a child whose other parent is living outside the home. Services are available automatically for families receiving assistance under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

CSE Highlights:
In 2007, 92 percent of child support collections have gone to families. Welfare recipients now make up just 14 percent of our caseload; the largest group of clients is families who no longer need public assistance, in large part because of child support collections. Preliminary data indicate that, in FY 2007:
The program collected nearly $25 billion.
The total caseload was 15.8 million.
The FPLS returned employment or address information for over 4.9 million individuals.
The Multistate Financial Institution Data Match (MSFIDM) program located a quarterly average of 2.6 million accounts containing financial assets owned by over 1.3 million obligors.
The number of paternities established or acknowledged was 1.7 million.
The number of new support orders established was 1.2 million.
With the publication of Final Rules and Regulations for Tribal Child Support Enforcement in March 2004, Tribes and Tribal organizations can choose to operate a Title IV-D Tribal Child Support Enforcement Program. Thirty-two comprehensive Tribal programs now can establish paternity, modify and enforce support orders, and locate absent parents. Ten others are receiving Federal funding to start new Tribal programs. This will continue to change, however, as more Tribal IV-D programs that operate with start-up funds receive comprehensive status, and as more Tribes receive funds to start new IV-D programs. For a current list of Tribal IV-D programs, log on to:
In FY 2007, $3.7 billion in Federal funding was provided to States to help defray the costs of the program. Nearly $25 billion was collected at a combined State/Federal cost of $5.6 billion; more than $4.73 was collected for each $1 spent. In FY 2007, Tribes across the nation collected and distributed $15.7 million, and forwarded to States an additional $2.2 million, for a total of almost $18 million.


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