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Change The NSW CDS (10c Refund Scheme) - Make it Smarter, Not Harder for the Community

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The newly rolled out NSW Container Deposit Scheme has been completely botched. The community has been kept in the dark about the reality of the scheme and the NSW Government has not properly considered or consulted all stakeholders.

Lets make the scheme smarter not harder for the community to participate in.

The vast majority of Australians (80%) support a national container deposit scheme, which makes sense - who doesn't want to help the environment? But the NSW Government have gone it alone, and if you think this won't impact you because you live in another state watch out as the NSW scheme is being used as test case for other states (QLD, ACT and WA are all look to roll out a similar scheme in 2018).

The community is supportive of the scheme but there are a lot of issues with the way the scheme is currently being administered - things that could easily be changed if the government really wanted to. 

Here are some of the issues as the scheme currently stands and what the government doesn't really want you to know about it.

1. You will pay between 14 and 30 cents more per container but only get a 10 cent refund (if you claim it).

2. The scheme coordinator is run by big business who can afford to absorb the cost of the scheme. The likes of Coca Cola, CUB, Lion and Asahi are coordinating the scheme. They are making decisions that are making it tough on small beverage businesses. 

3. It's another government tax grab, with the NSW Government set to reap in an estimated $15,000,000 a year additional GST revenue.

4. There will be no reduction in your council rates even though you will now be paying for two government recycling schemes (Container Deposit Scheme and your regular curb side recycling bins)

5. Only a fraction of the 800 collection points have been rolled out with no timeline on when they will all be up and running. This means approximately 460 NSW communities do not have a collection point. 

6. Some members of the community have calculated they will be hundreds of kilometres from their nearest collection point. Not only will it be difficult for them to claim their refund, imagine the carbon footprint from driving to and from the nearest collection point.

7. Every container needs to be registered at a cost of $80 per container. This is OK if you are BIG business but not if you are small family operated business. Some small businesses are paying over $20,000 in fees register their containers. The South Australian Container Deposit Scheme charges far less and has a capped amount.

8. These container registration fees have to be paid and renewed every 5 years. Ultimately this unnecessary cost will be passed onto the consumer. 

9. For no logical reason some containers are exempt from the scheme, e.g. wine and spirit bottles. 

10. Currently glass recycling plants can't cope with the existing volume of glass and a lot of it is being stock piled or put into landfill

11. The NSW Government has been forced to offer loans to businesses to avoid job losses due to the expense of implementing the poorly thought out scheme. 

12. Not only are jobs at risk, but some businesses may need to close their doors in NSW as it becomes to expensive to do business and unviable.

If you live in another state and think this doesn't impact you think again. The QLD, WA and ACT are all looking to roll out a similar scheme to NSW in 2018. What's the point in having 6 different schemes running in our country? The biggest loser will be the consumer and small business as they contribute more and more to the government tax piggy bank.

What is needed is a National Container Deposit scheme and not state based. A National Container Scheme would reduce the amount of tax you pay, streamline the process for all and help the environment. Everyone WINS.

This is a call to the NSW Govenment and the NSW EPA to postpone (and apply significant changes to the scheme) or scrap the current scheme entirely and work towards a National Scheme.

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