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Positive and Negative impacts of watching Kdrama/Koreanovelas

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Fond of watching Kdrama/Koreanovelas can cause addiction. Kdrama is the best popular drama in Asia. The Korean drama is made in South Korea, and mostly in a miniseries or in episodes format with distinctive features that set it a part from regular Western television series or soap operas. Korean drama can set in contemporary times or in historical settings, and we can say it with sageuk. Different genres apply to these two types, from romantic comedies and action series to fusion science fiction dramas. Kdrama genres like romantic, romantic-comedy, medical drama, historical, supernatural, school, melodrama, action, and even psychological are the best and the most lit of all. Korean dramas have an interesting story that and fun to watch. Korean drama also preferred for teenagers and youths. The teenagers love Korean Drama because they can watch their favorite actors or actresses like Park Bo Gum, Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Park Bo Young, etc.

Are you know the impact of being addicted in watching Korean drama? We usually know about the positive impact of watching Korean drama, but the Korean drama can give us the negative impacts. If we always watch the Korean drama and forget to study, we will not focus on studying the lesson, because we like to watching it everyday and even spending the whole night. Another negative impact is in the culture. Korean drama makes some people love with Korean culture than their own culture. Now, many people like us forget about our culture. For example, many teenagers wear Korean’s fashion, and they also learning Korean Language or Hangeuk. Kdramas also make we spend our money easier. If we want to watch it, we need a lot of money to using internet.

Korean drama have some negative impact, that it makes some people addictive with the drama, because the drama director written the unpredictable story, and the Korean drama story are not far from the everyday life, especially the teenagers who watched the drama. We're relate in it's stories. At the same time also affected in fashion’s lifestyle. Another negative impact, some scenes in Korean drama are dangerous to watched by children or teenagers. For example like kiss scenes and bed scenes so in that way they need parental guidance.

Watching Korean Drama or K-Drama can give us many impacts to our life, positive impact and negative impact can affect our life to do bad things or good things. We need to be specific and smart to chose what Kdrama to watch. We can learn many gopod lessons in watching Kdrama or Koreanovelas. They say, watching Korean Drama can make us smarter. Kdrama also serve us as a stress reliever, like watching for fun and relaxation. Are you also fond of watching Kdrama? I bet you have so many amazing oppa crushes no one in your real life could ever compare!

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