#TheWeirdAlChallenge for Charities

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I believe it is one of the highest musical honors to have Weird Al Yankovic parody an artist’s song. What if we could get those same artists to perform or lip-sync his parody of their song? They could perform it live, release it on the web, set up an event, etc... However, to make a REAL change, we ask them to promise to do it once donation total they establish beforehand is met and donated to the charity of their choosing.

Almost four years ago, I was in-between jobs and the creative juices were flowing. Weird Al Yankovic, a favorite musician of mine since childhood, had released ‘Mandatory Fun’. It was his first number #1 on the Billboard charts, and ultimately won him his 4th Grammy. An amazing feat for a album in the comedy genre. Through some happen-chance discussions overheard, a ‘few’ drinks, and my semi-humorous wit, I started a campaign/petition to have Al to perform at the half-time of Super Bowl XLIX on Change.org (LINK). While it never came to fruition, I was blown away by the support and recognition it received. Over 125K voiced their backing, as did several media outlets and fellow entertainers. Simply put, it was amazing. My girlfriend (now wife) was initially critical of my venture, stating that I was only using the platform for personal purposes, rather than using the platform to make a “real change” as others have done. While I was initially still happy with the idea and attention it received, her view stuck with me after all the years. Coincidentally, I now find myself again in-between jobs, and Weird Al just released a new fantastic single, ‘The Hamilton Polka’. I was in the midst of driving from Colorado back to Seattle, and after listening to that single, I started streaming some of his classic songs. Then the idea hits me… Let's ask the artists, entertainers, and fans to perform his parodies for charitable donations.

I call this: #TheWeirdAlChallenge

Thus, I have tweeted several of the artists he has parodied, and asked the following question:

How many likes/retweets and donations (please state the amount and charity of your choice) would it take for you to perform _______, Weird Al’s parody of your song _____ ?

 Below are links to every one of the tweets for you, the fans, to do help make this change a reality. And if I have missed anyone, or there are other artists, entertainers, or fans who would like to participate, regardless of the parody (ie. The cast of Silicon Valley singing “It’s All About the Pentiums”, Chris Pratt rocking “Jurassic Park", or Jack Black belting out “Another One Rides the Bus”), please feel free to message them, me  and/or leave a comment.

Let’s make a real change by donating and celebrate Weird Al!!

As a famous John Mayer parody might go...

   So we keep donating (donating) 
   Donating for Weird Al and Change
   We keep donating (donating) 
   Donating for Weird Al and Change…

*Sorry, I will leave the parodies to Al….

Cheers, ragonk, and much love!
Ed Ball
Twitter: @odceddie

ARTIST (or Entertainer)/TWITTER HANDLE (Song & parody in tweet link)

Aerosmith @Aerosmith https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970755024685944832

Will Arrnett @arnettwill https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970755941401485312

Avril Lavigne @AvrilLavigne https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970756130170273793

Backstreet Boys @backstreetboys ‏ https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970756278904500224

Barenaked Ladies @barenakedladies https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970756453379194882

Ben Folds @BenFolds https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970756715783139328

Billy Idol @BillyIdol https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970756878954250240

Billy Joel @billyjoel https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970757026815987712

Billy Ray Cyrus @billyraycyrus https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970757197104742400

B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars @bobatl @BrunoMars https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970757432497459200

Bryan Cranston @BryanCranston https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970757678103318528

Cake @CAKEMUSIC https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970757811247357952

Chamillionaire @chamillionaire https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970757971360690176

Red Hot Chili Peppers @ChiliPeppers https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970758100952084481

Coolio @Coolio https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970758213388836864

Crash Test Dummies @CTDBrad https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970758366803804161

Cyndi Lauper @cyndilauper https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970758567073521664

Diddy @Diddy https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970758726192779264

Don McLean @donmcleanonline https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970758887832895489

Eminem @Eminem https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970761348794671104

Fall Out Boy @falloutboy https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970761483469516800

Green Day @GreenDay https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970761613119647744

Mark Hamill @HamillHimself https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970761815608016896

Huey Lewis @Huey_Lewis_News https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970761959367786497

Iggy Azalea @IGGYAZALEA https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970762093849862144

Imagine Dragons @Imaginedragons https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970762222132543488

James Taylor @JamesTaylor_com https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970762443675787264

Joan Jett @joanjett https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970762552752750592

John Mellencamp @johnmellencamp https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970763167084105728

KISS @KISSOnline https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970763470747574272

The Knack @Knackrophilia
Lady Gaga @ladygaga https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970763859668516864

Lorde @lorde https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970763964362637312

Los Lobos @LosLobosBand https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970764068737789952

Madonna @Madonna https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970764177160617984

Dire Straits @MarkKnopfler https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970764405028790272

Maroon 5 @maroon5 https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970764563997081605

MC Hammer @MCHammer https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970764681068535808

Cherry Poppin' Daddies @mclgdrnk ‏ https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970764798110527488

Men Without Hats @MenWithoutHats1 https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970764915739738112

Metallica @Metallica https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970765118245019648

Miley Cyrus @MileyCyrus https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970765236729872384


Nelly @Nelly_Mo https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970765355294507008

Nine Inch Nails @nineinchnails https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970765475943624705

Nirvana @Nirvana https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970765942928982017

New Kids on the Block @NKOTB https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970766157866196992

Sting @OfficialSting https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970766261956194304

TLC @OfficialTLC https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970766369548509184

Offspring @offspring https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970766523911487489

Eddie Vedder @PearlJam https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970766745915936768

Pharrell Williams @Pharrell https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970766908143280133

Chris Pratt @prattprattpratt https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970767414181810176

Queen @QueenWillRock https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970767519316242432

Tone Lōc @RapperToneLoc ‏ https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970767634038865921

Tenacious D @RealTenaciousD https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970767769594617856

Reel Big Fish @ReelBigFish https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970767950696267776

R. Kelly @rkelly https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970768053112733696

Robin Thicke @robinthicke https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970768148508024832

Fine Young Cannibals @rolandleegift https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970768268704153600

Soul Asylum @soulasylum https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970768373159047168

Bruce Springsteen @springsteen https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970768565002428416

Stevie Nicks @StevieNicks https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970768746372481025

Taylor Hicks @TaylorHicks https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970768848864473088

Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970768946574999552

Gerardo @TheRealGerardo https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970769046613278720

Presidents of the United States of America @therealpusa https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970769153266130949

Jack White @thirdmanrecords https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970769342869643264

Thomas Dolby @ThomasDolby https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970769531298709504

Tiffany @tiffanytunes https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970769654804180992

T.I. @Tip https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970769794243768320

They Might Be Giants @tmbg https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970770011517206528

Toni Basil @Toni_Basil https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970770113266774016

U2 @U2 https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970770263171219456

Usher @Usher https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970770395182784512

Van Halen @VanHalen https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970770555933634560

Weezer @Weezer https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970770720841060352


Ziggy Marley @ziggymarley https://twitter.com/odceddie/status/970770867239071744

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