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Stop allowing pointless petitions (such as this one)

This petition had 2 supporters allows too many pointless petitions that discuss frivolous issues which attract little or no attention. Some examples (limited to the exciting, and politically explosive, world of 'cheese'):

  1. Let's make cheese rolling an Olympic sport
  2. Stop making cheesecakes lumpy
  3. Remove the Chuck E. Cheese slogan "Say Cheese, It's Funner."
  4. No more cheese bagels
  5. Eat a whole can of cheese whiz

The last petition on this list is described as achieving victory, i.e. according to "This petition made change". No, no it didn't.

This pointless practice needs to, er…change. Let's focus on what matters folks and get to have some basic level of human review before petitions get posted.

Pointless petitions — such as this one — have no place on and that's what I'm trying to change.

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