Please leave politics out of change dot organization.

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We ask that becomes a site that can be utilized to take no actions whatsoever about anything and that it take actions to stifle its user-base if it gets too political.

It has clearly come to the attention of those in many fandoms that politics is bad. It's just bad. Now while those individuals could always just choose to enjoy the content they enjoy without engaging with polls, individuals, and conventions that are more politically motivated it has come to our attention that only censorship will do.

So thereby, we the undersigned take action in expressing our desire for enacted inaction. We aggressively desire no changes for anyone's betterment whatsoever. Can't we just play video games all day or something? We're are passionate about our desire to be dispassionate and demand that people be more apathetic in their day to day activities. But I guess only if people want to, I mean, I guess, whatever, I don't care... I'm not like an activist or anything, cause those people are ruining everything.

We are aware that in asking the staff to enforce no political stances, that inevitably it will just cause 'both sides' to complain when they start enforcing them to be less political and they will claim that the staff is taking a political stance as a result. However, that's not the problem of the person writing the petition, nor those signing it. So if we the undersigned actually get accused of causing that problem, remember it was not the author of the petition that was political, it was the actor who implemented the change. We're just the signers, we just wanted things to be better, so if our desire is enacted and ends up making things worse then clearly the person responding and implementing it just did it wrong. Stupid interns!

Oh? It wasn't the interns and it was actually implemented to the letter?

Well -- I didn't mean for everyone's desire for *reasonable* change to be censored, don't look at me. It was the undersigned, it's their fault the change I wanted got out of hand, not me!

No! What are you doing?! Don't take this down! It's not political I swear it's not political! It's merely expressing a desired change I want to see in the world to make it more comfortable and pleasant for people such as myself. Stop! Don't pull that plug. Nooooooooooooooooo—!