Keep @CORNHUB.COM#8598 banned from VanityWasted's Server

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We as your fellow server mates want Cornhub, wherein referred to as #8598, removed from the server and all permission revoked as he is a malicious and toxic entity period. The mentioned person is no way shape or form helpful or progressive to this community. 

Cornhub has been kicked or banned several times but continues to remain in the server. His last ban was a given an acceptable reason given here: 

Prince Varz - 17/01/2018

Also just letting you know the actual reason for CORNHUB.COMs ban. Constantly abusing admins and owner, constantly breaking the rules, kicking and banning people for no reason, muting and deafening people for no reason, complaing constantly, starting drama, talking shit about other members, giving racist comments that are not funny and making people get sick of the server in general. You wonder why the server has been less active? Well now you know. So for the billionth fucking time stop with the "He pissed off Varz" comment. It was never EVER on a personal level. I don't ban people for personal reasons. My relationship with corn never had anything to do with the server. It was my duty to ban him as an admin.

An example of "talking shit" can be shown here:

405360733770088458 [12:58 AM] CORNHUB.COM: Lolol group of losers in vc
405360745749020673 [12:58 AM] CORNHUB.COM: Besides gio
405360755769212938 [12:58 AM] CORNHUB.COM: He is ok
405360868231086080 [12:59 AM] CORNHUB.COM: The rest of you smell of black shit

We are sorry that it come to this. We felt that it was necessary to take different actions to solve the problem.

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