Change dance courts!

Change dance courts!

December 3, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Edina Truth



Why we want to change them: 

The structure of dance courts and royalty at Edina Highschool is heteronormative and discludes students who don’t identify as a boy or girl. Our traditions at Edina Highschool are also perverted and mildly sexual and that is not ok. Pep fest before a dance usually consists of “boy chase girl” and Heteronormative displays of minors. 

What we would like the alternative to be: 

We propose the future dance courts at EHS to be inclusive of all genders and sexualities through removing the strict boy/girl sectors.

Our outline of the new structure: 
Kings and Queens: 
We propose to remove the sections of “king” and “queen” from the courts. These two sections of Edina royalty dont allow for any, of the many students who are, non-binary, gender non conforming, and genders that arent included in the gender binary. Having one group of Edina royalty consisting of the same number of students would rid these students of the barriers to be included in this tradition, and ease their anxiety around wanting to be involved. 
Though 2 students would be picked as official Edina royalty for a dance, they would be able to pick their own titles. So, a non-male or non-female would be able to pick King, Queen, or Royalty, Crown, etc. 
We also believe that by eliminating the two groups of girls and boys, dance courts would be open to having two kings, or two queens, or two royals, or any mix of those. This would be inclusive to the many students who are members of the LGBTQ+ community, who also have pride in their class. 
This doesn't rule out the possibility of having a king and queen. Depending on the student body, the votes will go to whomever deserves it the most, and if that is two students who are male and female no one is stopping that. 
In function:
The question concerning the possibility of having a court of all boys, or all girls, is a valid question. Student council would be tasked to regulate representation of all groups within dance courts. Making sure that sexualities, genders, ethnicities, and races are represented in these courts is extremely important to accurately represent outstanding students within our student body. 
Even though we would work with the student council to regulate these to a minor degree, this does not mean that the voting would be rigged. We would work on creating an algorithm with them to accurately apply these changes. 

Ensuring the voice of students at Edina Highschool is just as important to us as making sure we are represented correctly. That is why we are using ours.

With help from GSA leaders, & Edina Truth. 

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Signatures: 69Next Goal: 100
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