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Maintain Minimum Standards In Corporate Colleges Or Shut Them Down!

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Concentration camps! Have you ever seen some of them? If you think they are long gone, time you visit 'Corporate Intermediate Colleges' in AP and Telangana. In the last 5 months, nearly 60 kids studying in corporate colleges like Narayana and Sri Chaitanya have committed suicide.

According to a few reports, almost 180 students have died in the past seven months. The 2016 National Crime Records Bureau's report states that, out of the 8,423 student suicides, 333 were from AP alone. According to statistics about 700 students from Vijayawada attempted suicides in the past four years.

The common reason the students stated for resorting to the extreme step is the amount of stress and peer pressure they face in their colleges. There are a lot of videos in circulation on the social media which highlight the way these students are treated in these colleges.

It is appalling to learn that the number of student suicides is more than the number of farmer suicides. This should explain the gravity of the situation! 

A number of suicide notes by the students clearly state that their college management is the reason. Yet, no action has been taken against the respective managements, thanks to their political nexus. A good number of these colleges are owned and run by political leaders, cutting across party lines, and cabinet ministers.

Most of these so-called ‘premium institutions of education’ lack basic infrastructure and conduct classes in suffocating apartment complexes. These apartments serve more as a prison, by not allowing the students to even breathe for a moment. The children are held hostage in the building, in the name of classes and study hours. 

These corporate colleges are taking advantage of the competitive world by pressurizing the students for scoring higher marks in the examinations and charging exorbitant fees.

Last month, the Telugu states woke up to the heart-breaking fact that four intermediate students committed suicide on a single day. Yet college managements, the education department and authorities are not waking up and bringing about any changes.

According to norms, an educational institution should conduct classes for a maximum of six hours. But, these corporate colleges are blatantly disregarding the timings and conducting extra classes for ‘improving’ the students’ performance. Their students are forced to 'study' for at least 18 hours a day! And if you think the education that is imparted in such colleges is future building, you are mistaken. Students here are nothing but 'answer mugging machines' and these colleges are often referred to as 'rank factories'! While these colleges boast about their ranks, the percentage of success is still a question!  

We are filing this petition against such colleges, to prevent the death of students who are the ‘future of our country’. 

It is high time the decision making authorities wake-up and shut down such colleges and put in place stricter rules for the so called corporate institutes. Enough dreams have been murdered already! 


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