The Expulsion of the 2 Students involved & the suspension of their respective Fraternity.

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In the past week, the unjust killing of George Floyd has stirred heartache and outrage all across America. It has impacted University of Arkansas students, especially Black students.  

Which is why today, we call for the expulsion of the 2 students involved in the video, the suspension of their Fraternity, and finally a statement from Greek Life, the Fraternity, and the University emphasizing their condemnation of these vulgar actions. In light of the insensitive Snapchat video that surfaced on Twitter, we demand that both of these students reap the consequences for their actions. In a recent statement you said that we must “promote an inclusive environment where equity, opportunity, representation and civility are valued” well now is the time to ACT on your words. If these actions go unpunished, what message does that send to the potential African American students considering the University of Arkansas? How does this make them feel that our campus is an inclusive community in which equality is valued if this is allowed to go unpenalized. Students on campus look up to UARK Greek Life and admire them for their leadership skills and this was an insensitive and disgusting way for these 2 students to use their platform. Because of this, we demand that the students be held accountable not only for hazing, which is against Arkansas State law, but for their cultural insensitivity that not only represents themselves and their fraternity but ultimately the University as a whole.

We condemn racist social media posts by members of our community, and we urge you to do the same. 

The University has set the Office of Student Standards and Conduct in place to promote a safe, healthy, and inclusive community. It is pertinent that the University enforce these expectations in such situations to truly create an environment where racism is not welcome. The University vowed to intervene when student behavior causes disruption to the University community, and the racist mockery of the execution of George Floyd by these two members has done such. The University has long hidden behind the veil of educating white students in particular when it comes to racist behavior, in an effort to protect its public image with little disciplinary action. Has the images and videos of violence against Black bodies not been enough education? Has the voices of Black people describing their reality at the U of A and in this country not been enough education? We do not want to hear the excuse of education, when the institution has Black Studies available to every student. Education is not the issue at present; accountability is the issue at present. It is not the responsibility of Black students to educate white students on the racist nature of their behavior. The stance of this institution should be made clear already so that all students are aware of the standard they will be held to. We are a community of adults who need to understand that actions have consequences, which is a reality Black students know all too well. This is a crucial time in the history of our country and our institution. Whatever action is taken or not taken will be called upon in the future and black students will respond accordingly. We are not asking for expulsion and suspension; we are demanding expulsion and suspension.