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Chance The Rapper to attend 2019 FOCUS on the Arts Festival at HPHS

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It's easy to be skeptical and say this petition is a joke, but with the reasons that I'm presenting, it could definitely be a reality.  With support from our community, lots of determination, and many, many signatures, together we can make this happen.

What is the FOCUS on the Arts Festival?

FOCUS on the Arts Festival, or just simply "FOCUS", is a 3-day event that is held every two years and takes place at Highland Park High School in Highland Park, Illinois, from April 26-28.  Professionals who specialize in a wide range of artistic occupations come to this festival to offer lessons and workshops on music, visual arts, drama, dance, film, and architecture.  The main purpose of FOCUS is to expand students' horizons on the arts, which gives them more interests that opens doors for new opportunities in the future.

Who is Chance the Rapper?  Why should he come?

Chance The Rapper is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and philanthropist born and raised in Chicago.  He is currently on the mainstream rise and is entering his prime as a rapper and lyricist.  It’s easy to assume that he is a bad influence on students and raps about money, sex, drugs, etc. like any other rapper would. Chance is actually the opposite.  His main focus is to convey positive vibes through rap, while still connecting with teenagers and millennials.  He is also very charitable and humble, helping and donating to Chicago Public Schools and many other organizations and charities.  His fans look up to him as a respectful and kind guy, while still keeping his calm and cool rapper image.  Chance should come to FOCUS for a few reasons:


  • Like his fans, many of my fellow friends and peers look up to Chance as an inspiration and role model
  • This isn't something only one group of people would be interested in or excited about, everyone including boys and girls with varying interests are for sure interested and are going to want to have this happen
  • Charitable, positive, and amazing personality is a good influence on students
  • The main point of FOCUS on the Arts is to celebrate art, music, film, etc.  Chance does exactly this because it’s a fun way for students to learn from his musical career and art form
  • Who wouldn't want a celebrity to come to your school?

I am currently writing this during the second day of FOCUS 2017.  After everything I've experienced so far, most students don’t feel excited or engaged.  Chance The Rapper attending FOCUS would give all students something to look forward too, no matter what age, interest, or gender.  I asked in a group chat with several of my friends how they would react if something like this happened.  One said “Everyone would cry”, and another said “I would be going through a bunch of mixed emotions”.  This just shows how amazing it would be if he came; people would cry tears of joy.

How can we make this a reality?

It’s a small chance that this is going to happen, it’s pretty much a shot in the dark.  It’ll be very hard to get him to notice this, but if we do, there is a chance that he will attend. During FOCUS, it would be best if Chance does an activity, performance, rally, etc. for the FOCUS finale.  The best way to get our cause noticed is to share through social media, whether it’s facebook, instagram, or snapchat, share it and it will spread like wildfire.  If you don’t want him to come, still sign it, the points that I've laid out are unignorable.  With determination and advocacy, we as a community can get enough signatures for the petition to get noticed and get Chance The Rapper to come to Highland Park.

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