Save Champlain College's MakerLab!!

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The MakerLab within Champlain College is "is a place where people share tools and knowledge to make almost anything." Champlain students, faculty, staff and alumni all have access to the space and it's at risk of being shut down due to "budget cuts". The college's plan is to move the equipment to Generator. The college boasts innovation and loves seeing makers create, but the plan to shut the MakerLab down says the opposite.

The MakerLab offers a variety of services including laser cutting, 3D printing, paper printing, vinyl cutter, and more! They also have materials for sale and for use such as acrylic sheets, wood, professional papers, to name a few. The prices are EXTREMELY reasonable, and students only pay for the materials they use. Students of ALL majors come to the MakerLab throughout the school year and the summer to print their personal projects and classroom projects. Game students come to print their 3D characters, posters for game shows, and marketing materials. Photography students come to print their beautiful photos. The Sandbox Team (part of the Emergent Media Center) visits the MakerLab frequently for rapid prototyping of their games. Removing our access to this space is not fair. 

Generator in itself is an intimidating space to enter, and it isn't made for students by students like the MakerLab is. Hours at the MakerLab are adjusted every semester to accommodate student availability, and graduate students get full-time access to the lab. The MakerLab also provides a lot of job opportunities for students, and it's not guaranteed if they'll get to keep their jobs if this space is moved to Generator.

MakerLab Techs are here to help students with equipment and to also teach them how to use the equipment to create a sense of independence. They are available to help students even at the last second. At Generator, you have to be certified to use equipment, which means you have to pay; and if you have questions there aren't dedicated techs there to support you like our wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable student lab techs!

We need your support to keep the MakerLab open! This space is made by students for students.

If you've ever used the MakerLab, please share your experience. Students use this space, and this space needs to be open for students!

Please share this petition with your friends. THANK YOU!
-Your fellow students at Champlain

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