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Let’s redevelop a jungle for Animals

It is very disturbing to share story of a baby monkey rescue due to its sad end. Recently some of our team members rescued a 2 Months old baby monkey who was being chased by a herd of 5-6 dogs. That baby monkey was scared out of his wits for the next two days and was not even eating anything instead he was doing nothing but screaming out if fear. He got separated from his mother and then was found by us. After few days of successful recovery, we started receiving calls from an NGO warning us of the rule according to which we were not authorized to keep that monkey in our home as a pet or else legal actions will be taken. The disturbing thing after this was that the right place to keep that monkey did not have any space for our baby monkey and all the other monkeys were not accepting that him and due to this the last resort left for us was to give that monkey to an NGO where he was kept in a cage and if that was not enough, the size of the cage was not even big enough for him. It is not the first of its kind incident and surely is not the last but what we can do is make sure to make the condition better than now.

“EARTHNERS FANDDC FOUNDATION” is trying to get all the required permissions to redevelop a restricted forest land near Yamuna bank into a jungle suitable for rescued animals to live and let them develop a new ecosystem of their own enjoying a close bond with nature.

“EARTHNERS FANDDC FOUNDATION” is a non-profit organization that is devoted to serve animals in need. We understand that doing little is better than promising more and therefore “EARTHNERS FANDDC FOUNDATION” was created and was dedicated totally to work for nature and animals. We are a bunch of guys who feels sad over the plight of environment but at the same time we don’t feel helpless because we believe that if you feel the need to do then you should only do it. We aim to save the beauty of nature stored in plants, animals, landforms etc.

It is not a rare event that many of us come across animals who are in a bad condition and we feel helpless because we don’t know the specific ways of how to help them and then we just end up doing nothing but thinking.

But that’s not going to happen anymore because here at “EARTHNERS FANDDC FOUNDATION” have seen a restricted forest land near Yamuna bank metro station which is suitable to be converted into a jungle for animals to live. Our objective with this land is that all the animals who’ll be rescued by “EARTHNERS FANDDC FOUNDATION” will be given a place to live here. We need this land because during many of our past animal rescues we came through a single problem and that was, we didn’t have a place where these animals could heal properly and could be looked upon by our team regularly and just because of this we lost some innocent souls. But we didn’t stop at this and like always we started to look up for options that could’ve helped us and our team came up with an idea to get a land which would be only dedicated to only these animals.

During the search for a land our team members also discovered many new places where animals were in need of immediate medical help. We have seen many places in Delhi where stray animals are in need of immediate medical attention. Some those places are Sadar Bazar, Chandni Chowk and New Ashok Nagar. At “EARTHNERS FANDDC FOUNDATION”, we understand that providing these animals with the medical treatment alone will not do, so, what we aim to build is a place where these rescues animals can live happily. And medical treatment is just the first step in the right direction. Ahead of this lies a greater responsibility for us to provide these animals with a place to heel afterwards.

The search for a place ended at a restricted forest land near Yamuna bank which seems a good place because it is in the vicinity of a river and itself is a forest and what else was needed. Currently, this land comes under Delhi development Authority and we have come to know from our sources that redevelopment of this land will take place in near future. Now this is the situation we at “EARTHNERS FANDDC FOUNDATION” are facing and we really want to overcome this one. What we want to ask you is that what is wrong in developing another jungle for animals to live freely and above all enjoy safety and independence? We feel sorry every day for every animal we have not been able to save till day just because of lack of proper place for animals to heel and recover. We just wish make to build a place where any animals can move in freely and feel like home, enjoy same level of safety and independence as we feel in our home. For this purpose, only, we need your support to get the land approved to be redeveloped into a jungle and “EARTHNERS FANDDC FOUNDATION” will be responsible for the entire redevelopment.

 To get away from this situation the only effective and legit way was to get support from you guys. I hope that all of you guys out there with a pet will understand what we are going through and for all others, I just want to say that all these animals are nothing but our friends only and

The restricted forest near Yamuna bank seems a perfect place to start this project to us and we need you guys to provide us with invaluable support us in getting that place for this cause. We have heard from our sources that this land comes under DDA for now and  is going to be used for construction of a multi storey building, but we require that the land comes only under “EARTHNERS FANDDC FOUNDATION”.

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