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MN Republican Party: Job Evaluations

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As constituents, our elected officials work for us.  This evaluation rates our current MN Republican elected officials.

We demand that our representatives do the work to make all of our lives better and that they are actively listening and responding to our needs.

Please sign if you agree that you would rate their job performance "unacceptable" in any of the areas of importance to we the people, listed below.

Employment Goals

  1. Protects Access to Quality, Affordable Healthcare including Reproductive Health Services
  2. Protects our Environment and Builds Coalition Worldwide to Combat Climate Change
  3. Defends our Constitution and Protects our System from Conflicts of Interest
  4. Provides Factual Information and Fights for Truth and Justice
  5. Communicates Effectively with Employer/Constituency in Timely and Open Manner
  6. Respectful and Responsive to Needs of Women, Minorities, LGBTQ, Immigrants and Other Underrepresented Populations
  7. Supports Public Education and Public Transportation
  8. Protects Voting Rights Including Eliminating Citizens United and Dark Money Influence on Elections
  9. Stands Up to Tax Cuts for the Rich

Please feel free to list specific concerns in the comments section!

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