John Wick's Dog Deserves a Name: Tito

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As proud owners of two pit bulls, when we saw John Wick's dog in John Wick: Chapter 2, we immediately fell in love and with good reason. Our 4 year-old, blue brindle pit bull, Tito, looks exactly like John's dog. But the resemblance is not just physical... He is as loyal and caring as John's dog, too. Given the bad reputation and negative attention that pit bulls often get, we were delighted to see this breed featured positively in such a big movie.

We believe that John Wick's dog deserves a name, and the Santiago-Vega Family would like to propose the name of our dog, Tito. We rescued Tito two days after Christmas about two years ago from the J.B. Ogle shelter in Jeffersonville, Indiana, but we had no idea that he would forever embed himself in our hearts. In such short amount of time, Tito has been a blessing in our lives; it's hard to put into words what he means to us. Unfortunately, Tito was recently diagnosed with a mass in his sinus, and the prognosis indicates he will be crossing the rainbow bridge soon. 

Tito has been an ambassador for his breed, showing how truly loving and caring pit bulls can really be. He is truly the kindest of souls, so kind that sometimes it feels like we don't deserve him. He changes the mind of anyone he comes across with and has a chance to know him.  We would like to do something beyond providing him with medical care. Instead of asking for monetary help, we want to help continue his legacy as an ambassador for his breed. This why we believe that the dog in John Wick: Chapter 2 deserves to bear the name of Tito.

Please help us achieve our goal.


Ricky, Natalia, Tito and his brother Scrappy