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Follwing is my basis for this petition and why I think we as bowlers need to take the sport back and why we need to sign this petition before these new regulations are put in force in August of 2020.

Here is a link to the new regulations being set forth:

I think the USBC has taken our sport and removed any inkling of fair play and any reward for those of us that work hard and actually practice.

The bowling balls are nuclear and even worse now you may not have any regulations on drilling.

Now here is the added bonus with the USBC. You get to pay them for coaching certification and as long as you can spend a couple days in a classroom, pay them $195 and pass the test at the end of the weekend you now know the sport of bowling and are an expert! Screw those of us that spent a lifetime studying the game under some of the greatest coaches in the world. We know nothing unless we have a little badge hanging from our necks.

Now let's talk about the assanine ball specs. It is hard enough with all the hacks out here drilling balls (and thank you to those guys because I am going to be rich one day by the volume of plug work I am doing). But here we are again with another money grab. Let's sell out to the bowling ball companies and allow them to run the game. Along with IBPSIA charging an absurd amount of money for "certification". Screw the guy like myself that studied ball drilling under some of the best and someone like myself that is highly respected in his area.

NOW let's go to the idiotic way lanes are certified under the current rules the USBC rep calls the bowling center and makes an appointment for certification. So you can have the Wall of China out there as long as it's not certification day but I'm sure that NEVER happens!

If your certified then honor scores count all year. Nobody comes in after an honor score and runs a tape anymore or checks the pins and God forbid checks the ball to make sure it is within USBC guidelines.

So here is my ending gripe. They collect upwards of $20 per season from millions of bowlers every year BUT all honor score awards are now "Lifetime" achievements. Come on Man where is all that money going? You don't come out and check lanes, you use no resources through the year, charge for coaching certification and go to Nationals on our dime.

I don't know why I just can't buy into the USBC!

This next rule is just a long line of disrespect towards any tradition or skill left in the game that I love so dearly.

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