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Jef Henson Dee is the epitome of a great actor, film enthusiast, and as an academician.  His dedication with his craft and professionalism goes beyond any value of quantifications. His commitment is evidenced by his insurmountable contributions in the field of theatre and performances. His inspiration to continue better his gift and talent has paved the way to the rise of now recognised excellent personalities in Philippine theatre.  His stints in the CEU Dramatic Guild as adviser and artistic director impregnated his proteges the same passion and remarkable discipline making them known and respected professionals in their own respective careers.  He would literally open and close the gates of the University to satisfy the crave for knowledge and production know how of his students. He did all of these magnanimous actions because he believes each student has a talent to discover and nurture. He transformed the Bulwagang Maestra Osang as a safe haven for those who seek refuge through arts and performance. The walls of BMO stood as silent witness how a genius work of art transformed  into a magnum opus. Jef Henson Dee was never selfish in inspiring his tutelage to discovering themselves and their full potential as an individual disciple of the arts. He  brought into existence a living and caring theatre. He heightened cultural consciousness within the university with his production of mostly original works. The CEU Dramatic Guild has become a formidable institution in the campus where students learn practical lessons in life, vital in their battle outside the work arena. He devoted his life to his students and to the University as well. Petition to rename Bulwagang Maestra Osang into Tanghalang Jef Henson Dee is the most appropriate form of recognition to acknowledge his unequalled contributions in the promotion of culture and theatre consciousness in university and the hundreds of lives he transformed dramatically during his teaching stints.