Help Better Pupil Accessibility To And From Ysgol Trewen.

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My name is Leasha and as a parent to a pupil and an ex pupil myself that attended Ysgol Trewen (CwmCou) I feel the need to help the school by starting this petition.

Ysgol Trewen is located just out side of Newcastle Emlyn on the old Cardigan road. My petition is to help Trewen become more accessible to parents who live in the Adpar/NCE and surrounding areas who have considered sending their children to Trewen but have had to send them else where because of the lack of footpath and safety to walk there or the lack of bus availability to get them there. If the Council are willing to help us gain these there is no doubt in my mind that the number of pupils would increase if the school was to be made more accessible to parents who struggle with lack of transport. This has been an on going attempt/ goal set out by past parents back to when i was a student myself back in 2000/2001 and even longer again. 

To help support this petition I will also be creating a survey for parents and past parents in the Adpar/Newcastle Emlyn and surrounding areas a chance to answer and give their opinions towards this and to back up all that parents have been saying for years.I also will be approaching the local MP, local papers and anyone else to gain their help and support to move forward in the right direction. If we where to gain either of or even both of these to make the school more Accessible will help secure the future growth of the school!

Thank you for taking your time in reading this and I hope you can help support us in this to help us help the school. Many Thanks Leasha Williams.