Shut down Borth Zoo, home of Lillith the lynx (RIP)

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Lillith the lynx escaped from her enclosure at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom in Wales after being attacked by another lynx in an overcrowded cage of five lynx. Borth cannot identify the exact day that she escaped.

She evaded capture by the zoo and was eventually shot and killed.

Reports also state that the zoo strangled a second lynx to death in the same week, attempting to move it to another cage before a zoo inspection.

Borth also cares for a crocodile, two lions and a leopard, which almost escaped a few years ago when it's cage door was left open.

Most "hobby zoos" like Borth, run by inexperienced owners, do not provide any benefit to conservation or education, fail to meet basic animal welfare standards, and create a significant threat to the public as unpredictable, captive-bred, human-habituated animals are left to escape.

The Lynx UK Trust are campaigning for the closure of Borth Zoo and have offered a new home for their lynx at a remote rescue centre in Wales where they will be cared for by experts in wild felines.

Please sign this petition supporting the closure of Borth and rehoming of it's animals to competent zoos and rescue centres; the local council (Ceredigion County Council) have the power to instantly remove their operating license creating a better future for their animals and a safer environment for the people who live in the region.