Stop Singapore's supermarkets from using single use plastic bags

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My name is Ada and I am 11 years old. I am very passionate about the issue of Cold Storage, or any supermarket using single use plastic bags because nobody is aware of the influence it has on other things, including people, and I think Cold Storage never took all these things in to consideration. Some of you may be thinking, "what about the supermarkets in other countries?" And my answer is that we all have to start somewhere, right?

Once you throw away your plastic waste, it will either go in the ocean, get burned in the incinerator and pollute the air or get thrown in to a landfill. These are all things that influence other living things. I try to speak to many people about what is happening to our beloved world, and most people ignore me or laugh and work away, so I started this petition to see if there are really any passionate people out there willing to stand out and make a change, even if Singapores not your country. 

When it gets thrown in to the ocean, an animal can mistake it for food and swallow it, get caught in it, or get it stuck somewhere for example, a sea turtle can easily mistake a plastic bag for a jellyfish and sorry, but there isn't a very happy ending. I think most of you can predict what happens next. It is the same with fish. Fish eat small bits of micro plastic, then we eat the fish we get bits of micro plastic in us to, and the more plastic we get, the more plastic is in us. It is less for vegetarians, but there is still a significant amount inside you. When plastic bags get thrown in to sea, it can also drift of to land until an animal such as a sea bird finds it, and like the sea turtles, it mistakes it for food, eats it and again, the story doesn't have a happy ending. Approximately 1 million sea birds die from plastic wastes every year. That's more than the population of Luxembourg! 

Plastic bags can also get burned in the incinerator, polluting the air. Can you imagine a world where everywhere you look, there is haze? That you will start coughing and wheezing every time you go outside? For some countries, our nightmares are a reality. And if we keep our usage of plastic bags up, this will start to become a reality for us to.

Our plastic waste can be thrown in landfills to, mostly in third world countries. Sometimes, rubbish just gets dumped in random places, pushing more and more people in to poverty. Our plastic waste is in landfills all over the world. Some people are so poor, they go through our rubbish to find anything useful to them. Most of these people are young children, not going to school and instead working at a dump. Lots of people in LEDC's live on landfills. Animals live on landfills to. Or some of them come out of nowhere looking for food. Of course, this is never a happy ending for them.

Now you know some (yes some) of the reasons we need to speak out about this cause. Single use plastic bags are not our friends. Please help by signing this petition and try to make and effort to change the world because single use plastic is not fantastic.