Give All Hindu Students scholarship . Why scholarship to ONLY Muslim?

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We all Hindu students and parents of the students and Indian citizen demands from central government that all Hindu students should be provided scholarship means all Hindu students should be provided free education .

         on 5th of June 2019  on day of Eid ,Eid gift was given to to minority especially Muslim students in which government has announced 5 crore Muslim students will be given scholarship .as per 2011 census there are 32 crore students in this country, out of 32 crores students there will be around 5 crore Muslim students and when government is announcing scholarship to  5 crore Muslim students means every Muslim student , whether poor or rich ,he will get scholarship .,This is free education to all Muslim even rich  in this country .

There was need to control population by making two children law ,which will help Indian economical growth ,instead of that government has punished Hindus were forced to have a two children by different law and encouraged  Muslim having more children .Hindus are paying  educational 4 % cess and out of this money scholarship will be given to Muslim only. This  is an  injustice to Hindus .We demand that all Hindu students should be given scholarship means free  education to all Hindu students