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In Virginia, it is easier for a conservative to receive a Republican Nomination through Conventions rather than Primaries because whoever has large grassroots support can enlist their supporters to invest a day at a convention. In a primary, all that is required is money and name recognition. Money purchases airtime, signs and loyalty, which will turn out votes in a Primary.

The sad reality is Primaries often turn out a vote that is uneducated in all the issues or of all the candidates – folks simply know the name of the individual who could purchase the most airtime. It also turns out our opposition, the Democrats, to vote in OUR selection process.

Grassroots activists who want to save America are doing so on shoe string budgets. While many candidates say they are conservative, they are fearful of their ability to garner the volunteers to win in a convention, so they are pushing for Primaries.

I am asking you to sign a petition which will go to The Central Committee of The Republican Party of Virginia, which will vote on this issue on June 16th for the 2013 Election Cycle.

Send a message that you want Conventions as the method to select your candidates in Virginia.

Here are two blogs I wrote on this subject last Fall.

Scott Cooper

Letter to
Central Committee of The Republican Party of Virginia RPV Central Committee
Vote for Conventions on June 15th

Whereas, you’ve been elected and served a party dedicated to the preservation of conservative values and advancing the cause of liberty and freedom, and,

Whereas, the Republican Party is a private organization of like-minded voters and its leadership is charged with restricting its nomination process to Republicans, and,

Whereas, an open primary, the only kind possible in Virginia, is presently the nomination method to be used in the 2013 as Republicans nominate our candidates for state wide office; now, therefore, the undersigned activists in Virginia those on the State Central Committee to use your vote on June 15 to support the selection of a convention for the nomination of our candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.


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