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Justice For Princey

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On Friday 9th November (our daughter’s second birthday) our beloved family cat Prince went missing. 

On Sunday night he had still not returned and after hours of searching, distributing flyers and reaching out to social media we came across information that perhaps trapping was happening in the Wildlife Corridor in Wadalba. After research we found information on a contractor who we contacted Monday (12th November) in regards to what was happening in the Wildlife Corridor; he confirmed he had been contracted by Central Coast Council to trap foxes in the area. Right then I knew our Princey was caught in a trap.  

The contractor confirmed he had seen an “orange and white cat with a bell, 20 metres inside the corridor off Sirocco Drive on Saturday morning”. 

The animal controller then had to wait for confirmation from Telstra as to if anything was in his traps as they were apparently under surveillance (a process I don’t quite understand). He later came back to say that no Cats were in his traps.

After calling and messaging the animal controller and Council all day to request the traps be checked physically by a person I sent another message to the animal controller at 3.45pm to which he then responded at 3.48pm with a photo of my cat in a trap “Yes have a cat in a cage trap”. 

I immediately met the man on Bilby Close, where he brought over to me the cat in a cage and constantly advising me it is feral and has no collar. It was Prince. 

I noticed upon looking at Prince that one of his paws looked flattened and badly hurt. I asked the animal controller if a foot trap was used; but he never answered my question. 

After getting Prince home and reuniting him with his family (a very excited 2 and 3 year old) we noticed that his leg was just hanging and he was not using it. Straight to the vet we went after a huge drink of water and some food!

After examining Prince it is believed due to his injuries and dehydration that he was caught in a foot trap and had been there for at least two days (had been missing for 3 nights). At this point council told me that they were only using cage traps!

Prince has lost circulation to 3 of his toes and as a result has no feeling in them and they will eventually need amputating. He also has damage to his gums and has lost a significant number of nails from trying to escape. His medical treatment is not something that can be dealt with or fixed straight away; it will be a gradual process. 

On Tuesday morning I rang Council to advise I had my cat back and was made to believe that they did not know the contractor was using foot traps in the area and greatly apologised for what had happened to Prince. They were then going to get me the contact details of their insurance team as to where to send the medical bills too. 

The only contact information that Cental Coast Council will give me is referring me to their enquiry page on their website (although the insurance team is apparently aware of the incident). I have sent numerous emails and am getting no where. 

Central Coast Council have now confirmed that they were aware that foot taps were being used in the area with minimal to no signage (a sign went up on Bilby Close as I was collecting my cat from the animal controller). 

I have started this petition to reach out to Central Coast Council and demand that they pay the ongoing medical bills for Prince as they have not acted in accordance with their management plan or have sufficient signage up in the area. 

Another concern is the native animals that could potentially be trapped and astatine the same injuries as Prince. 

Below is a link to a report done and aired Friday 16th November on NBN news.


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