Re-exam of CBSE Physics Board Exam 2019 of class 12th.

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Physics exam (Foreign and India) of 2019 conducted by CBSE was much difficult than last year. It was one of the trickiest, toughest and lengthiest Physics paper ever. Students were given only 2 days of preparation(after English paper) time for such vast portions.

The major concepts that have repeatedly been asked and emphasized on were nowhere to be seen in the paper. Even the brilliant students found it difficult to solve the paper on time.

CBSE must understand that everyone is not capable of thinking on such broader perspectives. Paper should have been such that an 'average' student complete the paper within 3hrs with a score of atleast 70% in it.

Therefore, it is a sincere request to CBSE to look up on it seriously and take a RE-EXAM. Otherwise CBSE is going to witness a hearsick result with this paper.

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