Lovely Canada's Future As A Negative Interest Loan Funded Utopianism Ultrapower.

Lovely Canada's Future As A Negative Interest Loan Funded Utopianism Ultrapower.

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Offering the population custom jobs funded by negative interest loans would result in cultivating a marginalized portion of the population at a very low cost leading to new creative forms of employment.  


Also, providing a negative interest loan subsidized wage adjustment as well as negative interest loan subsidized inflation mitigation, we could make work-life more comfortable and productive for citizens.


Refinancing individual (personal), corporate (business, charity) and national (federal, provincial, state, ..., and municipal) debts through loans with negative interest could also fix all our deficit worries and provide financial security.


Potential artists, athletes, care givers, scientists, philosophers, stay at home parent, volunteers, ... and students would become productive members of our advanced civilization as we make the world a better place through leading by example.  


These novel measures would ensure financial stability regardless of pandemics, wars and / or financial crises through maintaining public readiness and productivity while mitigating price risk management for goods, services and innovations through subsidies such as in the measures adopted for Canadian milk.


Furthermore, the x% unemployment rate and x% of the population victimized by extreme poverty will be uplifted and optimized for the 21st century.


We can see here that the JYSKE bank in Denmark, has negative interest mortgages at around 80K $ for the public:


We can see here that the Central European Bank issued 1.3 trillion euros in negative interest loans @ -1% to banks because of the pandemic ruining fiscal projections:


We can see that negative interest rates are prominent in the 21st century where Japan realized in 2016 that then and now are not the time to tax people more since we understand where money comes from. We can see here an article which affirms that Japan has been running negative interest rates since 2016 because it realized it can't possibly fund progress solely through available public funds and private funds:


We can see here that even science is at risk because research depends primarily on funding and we should avoid only researching in order to supply a demand while negative interest loans could fund most of the research put on the backburner for decades:


We can see here that we could do far more than just researching and developing low-environmental-impact-automated-mining or gene-therapy production facilities or even climate change-proof biodome farms. We could also fund, through negative interest loans, gene therapy research facilities as well as gene therapy production facilities for mRNA vaccines that we so wholeheartedly need immediately in every single demographic on the planet:


For instance, this short list of international gene therapy startups are stuck picking and choosing due to their limited funding and limited human resources which could be alleviated and bolstered through negative interest loan funded custom jobs:


We can see here that dismissing scientific and technological potential for reasons such as limited resources was a huge mistake given our current and future pandemics: race/



We can see here that we must see to the fruition of this project before the automation of our economy goes any further and negative interest loan funded custom jobs could cultivate a considerable amount of creativity while also incubating our readiness and resilience for much worse:



It is also in our best interest to accomplish these goals through negative interest loans as there is insufficient funding available through the combination of private and public finances to even begin all the required research that reverses climate change related chemical composition of our atmosphere and seas that affected the thermodynamics as well as life-extension research for health and wellness. From purchasing a significant amount of border defending jets to transforming old-folks homes into rejuvenation centers.


We can see here that we would benefit greatly from funding research that we have yet to foresee as demand and we would not need to choose or miss out on breakthroughs:


Finally assessing an ideological goal new way of thinking where we have the choice between picking one of the many ways of thinking that are semi-suicidal and mass-murderous or the ultimate way of thinking along the lines of making the world a better place so that the world becomes the best place as a place where we have the technology and systems to be happy and free indefinitely with negative interest loan funded democratic ultrainternationalistic totalitarian utopianism oriented systems for immortality, freedom and euphoria.

For what it's worth, “Nature” is forcing us to make some changes in upgrading our gene therapy production facilities and systems by coercing us to make more mRNA vaccines which we should already be funding through negative interest loans. If 3 variants were made in 13 months and these resulting 4 make 3 variants each in the next 13 months, where we are currently in the 8th weeks of these next 13 months, we can see here that we may be facing over sixty thousand variants if we lack global gene therapy production facilities funded by negative interest loans and that this continues for over a decade.



Thank you for your time, good luck, God bless and godspeed.  



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