Keep Red Deer Plaza Co-op Open

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After 56 years serving Red Deer’s downtown, Central Alberta Co-op has announced that it plans to close its downtown Plaza Co-op location. 

This location is one of the last community groceries in our city, serving a large population in the downtown core of Red Deer Alberta. With a pharmacy that is sought after for its ability to compound specialty medications, this store is an important location for many seniors, and local residents. Plaza Co-op has kept the downtown neighbourhoods of Woodlea, Waskasoo, and Parkvale well resources in its 56 years of operation. From the comfort of having relationships with staff, to the Kids Club which provides numerous children with wholesome creative experience; Plaza Co-op is an irreplaceable community resource. The location of this store allows many seniors living nearby to maintain independence, by being able to get their own groceries and prescriptions. Many families in the area shop at the Plaza Co-op because it is a walkable, convenient, and friendly location. Losing Plaza Co-op will mean that the residents of Woodlea, Waskasoo, and Parkvale will no longer have a community grocery, with the business of these residents being swallowed up by the now closer Safeway and Superstore. Residents who rely on the walkability of the Plaza location will be forced to commute for prescriptions and groceries. 

Plaza Co-op is a resource core to the vitality of our downtown neighbourhoods. Plaza Co-op is a community destination for unbeatable service, and a beloved part of our city. Closing this location will be a crippling blow to downtown revitalization, quality of life for residents who rely upon it, and a move which will alienate customers and Co-op MEMBERS. 

Please note that Central Alberta Co-op Members were not consulted on the closing of this location.