Herpes Should Be Included In Standard STI Testing

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The Center for Disease Control does not recommend HSV, or the herpes virus, to be included in a standard STI test. Therefore, many people do not know if they are positive for HSV1 or HSV2. This not only encourages the spread of the herpes virus, but further stigmatizes people who are infected. If HSV was included in the standard testing, we could start to unravel the fear and stigma surrounding the herpes virus. Demand the CDC be held accountable instead of sweeping herpes under the rug.

Many people live in shame, and are suffering from the HSV stigma. Knowing our HSV status will allow us to all be more sexually responsible, and realize that herpes is a common virus that mostly all humans come into contact with at some point in their lives. Fight the stigma of a virus that 3.7 billion people on Earth carry. Sign the petition today.