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Supply Captioning for the Deaf

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Our Deaf community has been growing in recent years.  It would make sense for Central Michigan to start supplying captioning in theaters.  Celebration Cinema in Mount Pleasant, Michigan has none.  And with my repeated requests they still have not filled that void.  My suggestion is this, they begin hosting once or twice a month captioning day and dedicate one of their screen room for that purpose. 

To prove my point, the consensus shows in 2005, they estimate the Deaf community in Michigan alone was 90,720. In 2012 shown a rise in our Deaf community from 90,000 to 137,702. Here's the citation from two separate consensus for both of 2005 and 2012. and

I have had to wait 3 to 6 months for the films to come out on DVD to finally see the film. And I am sure our Deaf community would love to start their traditions and new memories. So all we are asking is just one or two days a month, to eat popcorn and candies in front of the big screen and enjoy new nostalgic memories.

 As for the rest of the community, it would only be once or twice a month and only one dedicated screen would be used for that purpose. You wont have to deal with massive captioning obscuring your viewing pleasure. All I ask is to allow us to enjoy theaters also.



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