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Stop Elephant Rides in Bandung Zoo

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Have you ever heard the story of Yani, a Sumatran elephant in Bandung Zoo? In 2016, Yani died at this zoo. Please see:

After its death, the zoo stopped offering elephant rides.

Currently, bandung zoo gets technical assistance from Cee4life, an animal protection NGO. But, what do Cee4life in Bandung Zoo as an animal protection NGO can not accept common sense. Cee4life supports the elephant riding attraction in bandung zoo. Since April this year, they resumed this activity.

Animal attractions like these, are simply cruel. There is overwhelming evidence that this form of attraction amounts to cruel treatment, harmful to elephants.

Elephants are often exploited from morning till afternoon, forced to carry visitors around the areas of the zoo.

These poor elephants must work, giving rides to those who will pay and have fun at their expense. When the show is over, their legs are chained, until the next ride.

Look at the bullhook used to control this elephant. The bullhook has long been associated with abuse of elephants, and its use has been banned in some countries. These gentle animals receive blows on their heads and suffer so that humans can be entertained.

Please ask Cee4life and Sybelle Foxcroft to stop elephant riding in Bandung Zoo

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